04 June, 2008

tone your chest

A very simple breast exercise builds the chest muscles that lie beneath the breasts and forces the breasts to be pushed outward and upward, giving you a firmer, fuller and more shapely look.
The size and firmness of your breasts can be a problem. After childbirth, weight loss or hormonal changes your breasts can change in appearance. Age and gravity can play a role in these changes.
The breast is made up of suspensory ligaments, loose fiber/fatty connective tissue, glandular tissue, and circulating fluid channels for both lymph and blood. Weight lifting exerts pressure on the muscle tissue and forces the body to rebuild and grow this tissue.
Despite the great strides toward true equality that women have made in recent years, you know that larger breasts make a difference. Larger breasts bring confidence, demand attention, and give you an overall sexier appearance.
Much focus is being placed on fitness and other outer appearance. Breast enhancement is one of the hottest topics today, including the highly publicized controversy over breast implants. With the health risks and dangerous side effects of implants, not to mention the costs, women have long searched for a safe and effective alternative. Implants do fill out and reshape the breast. Implants do improve a woman's figure. But; putting them in is very painful. Postoperative recovery is not pleasant. The younger you are when you get them the more often you'll have to replace them. Yep, replace them. Those things break, they leak and after a while they become surrounded by scar tissue that restricts motion and makes the breast painful to the touch. If the whole idea is to improve sexuality by improving curvatiousness, then having breasts that can't stand to be touched is a real downer. This encasement of what the body sees as foreign material must be surgically stripped and removed. Ouch, ouch and ooouch! Aside from that, the encasement is made of the same material that forms fibrocystic breast disease. The fullness and size of the breast comes from body fat. Yes, that stuff you think of as nasty on the hips is glory on the breasts. With out the fat the breasts would look like flat empty bladders, much as they do just after you stop breast-feeding when all of the fat stores are gone and only skin and mammary tissue remain. (The fat went into building baby brains and nerves).
Let's face it; women have tried everything including exercise equipment, creams, lotions, hypnosis, subliminal tapes, special bras, and much more to enhance their breasts. Unfortunately, most women see little or no results with these methods. Take a look at women endurance athletes, distance runners, tri-athletes and women bodybuilders - no boobs! If they have much of anything showing, as with the muscle gals, it's fake. If you're training to dramatically reduce your body fat overall then you'll also be reducing your breasts in the attempt.
The most important stimulator of breast size is progesterone. Estrogen has little if anything to do with increasing breast fat stores. If estrogen had anything to do with bigger breasts then women on birth control pills would all have large full breasts. (Estrogen though is responsible for fat gain from the belly button down). Most gals these days are estrogen dominant. Chemicals that mimic estrogen are plentiful in our environment, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers as well as additives used to fatten up livestock. Soy in its various forms is chock full of estrogen like substances called isoflavones. Progesterone is a wonderful hormone responsible for fertility, bone density, good mood and mental outlook, better muscle to fat ratios, libido (sexual desire), protection against cancer, and a host of other beneficial effects. Given today's predominance of estrogen most of women need to balance their lives with natural progesterone.
Fat fills in the breasts but the muscles of the chest wall give the breasts their support, shape and uplift. The pectoral muscles of the chest have three different segments and though they work together to perform the movements of pulling our arms into the body’s midline, they pull from different angles and need different angles of work to effect a change in their strength and shape. The upper fibers of the pectoral muscle along with the pectoralis minor muscle beneath it pulls the breast up and helps to fill the hollow that woman get between the clavicle and the beginning of the breast. This sagging is known as Coopers Droop after the British doctor Sir Astly Cooper who first described the condition.
The mid and lower pectoral fibers add fullness and support the breast from underneath. These muscles also keep the beast from flopping into the armpits. Meanwhile the margins of the pectoral muscle as a whole delineate the breast from the chest wall improving cleavage, making the breasts more distinctive and stand out. Pectorals keep the breast margins from simply blending and disappearing into the sides of the chest wall.
The Exercises:
All of the exercises here should be learned under proper supervision of an exercise professional. Use moderate to heavy weights for the repetitions involved. Do no more than 3 sets of 5 to 8 repetitions per set and do this workout no more than twice per week. Unlike money and sex, in exercise more is not necessarily better and can actually work against your goals!

Incline bench press. starting position. Lie down supine on an incline bench with dumbbell or barbell in hand. Legs should be shoulder width apart. Wrists should be in neutral position and will remain so throughout the exercise. Arms are in 90-degree angle with elbows in line with the shoulders. And lift the weights.
End position. Push the weights upwards and exhale. Watch the elbows. Be careful not to hyperextend them. Slowly lower them to starting position. 3x 5 to 8 reps. this exercise directly works on your pectoral muscle i.e. your chest muscles. Hence giving firmness to your chest. What you achieve is a very well defined & toned muscle.

Flyes starting position. Again lying on an incline step, the feet are shoulder width apart, lying firmly on the floor. Arms rise up straight from the shoulders, weights directly in line with the nose. The elbows are flexed and rotated outwards while palms are facing inwards.
flyes end position. Slowly lower the arms to shoulder level, keeping the elbows slightly flexed. When bringing the arms back up, visualize squeezing a big beach ball between your arms. Avoid any rotation in your elbows or wrists.
This exercise works the chest in adduction and abduction. This means that the tension in the muscles occurs when the muscles are shortened (arms going up) and lengthened (arms going down).

pullover press. Hold the weight. Bend the arms. Forearms face the ceiling and palms face each other. Keeping the arms parallel to each other, take the arms overhead, constantly squeezing the chest muscles. Feel the rib cage pulling towards the chest. Slowly return to the starting position. This will help you to expand the rib cage & give density and depth to the chest.
pec dec. hold arms shoulder height at 90 degree angle. Keep the back straight, shoulders pressed down, stomach contracted. Make sure that the elbows are kept up between chest and shoulder height. Pull your arms slowly but fluidly inwards. You are trying to open & close the arms. Each repetition should take about 4 seconds. This will give strength & shape to your chest muscles.

push ups. In push ups you work both on the chest & triceps. You can choose to do it on the floor or with the help of a ball as shown in the picture. On floor remember to keep the whole body straight as a board. Extend the arms and lift your body from the floor as one unit. Lower yourself but not completely to the floor. Keep buttocks and ab muscles tight at all times. Don’t let you back collapse into your stomach, creating a swayback.

Also a very important point: keep the weight up and the reps down, you want to build strength and tissue. Higher reps and lighter weights wear tissue down, especially the fat in breast tissue. If you want proof the high reps and light resistance wears down tissue and that a low rep with heavy resistance builds it, compare the legs of a marathoner to those of a sprinter!
Breast tissue with it's complicated physiology and varying anatomical structures demands a multi-dimensional approach to its augmentation. On one thing alone will not do it all. This combination of supplementation, exercise and sexual stimulation covers all of the bases and will produce the greatest results in size and shape.
A word to the women: strong chest muscles will not make you into a 36 C, but they will give you more definition and support for the fatty tissues that make up the breast.

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