15 July, 2008


My morning starts with a good protein shake. On everyday basis, invariably my mom also asks me the importance of protein shake. She thinks it is some magical remedy the secret of which I am not telling her. This post is dedicated to her.

Protein is formed from building blocks called amino acids. There twenty-two different kinds, of amino acids which can combine to form billions of varieties of proteins. The human body can make thirteen of these protein building blocks, while the other nine must be supplied by the diet. Plant foods provide the same amino acids that animal foods do. The protein that comes from eating a steak is exactly the same quality as the protein that comes from a meal of rice and beans. But when you eat a steak, you're also consuming excessive fat and cholesterol.
Unlike animal products, no single plant source contains all of the essential amino acids, but amino acid requirements can be met by eating a variety of foods. A meal of rice and beans provides a complete protein, no different from the protein found in eggs or meat.

Here are some examples of a complete protein:

rice with beans
tacos with beans
tofu with rice
pasta and beans
black-eyed peas and rice
baked beans and brown bread

For a pure vegetarian person like me, other sources of proteins are soy (tofu, nutri nuggets, soy milk), sprouts.

Irony is that I am also allergic to soy. So mom hence the protein shake.


  1. Hi Kiran, I visited your blog for the first time but I have become a fan of yours. A women from India is such an expert in the field of fitness is a great thing. Pls keep on posting fitness articles also for men. And I should tell that you have the best body that I have ever seen.

  2. kiran,
    I am studying abroad at the moment but am here for a few months and would love to come and train under your supervision.
    I had an important question
    Do you know of any places in delhi that sell protein powder, protein shakes.Thanks so much

  3. @ Carpe. For training with me, get in touch with me. My email is kiran.sawhney@gmail.com
    Protein powder is available at GNC outlets.