09 August, 2008

Bosu leg exercises- on all fours- Series 12

1. Place your knees bent on top of Bosu and come on all fours or the box position. Keep your hands on the floor directly under the shoulder blades. Bend your one knee and bring it up. The foot faces the ceiling. Bring it up and down as if hitting the ceiling. The other bent knee is still on top of Bosu.

2. For the next three exercises, this is the starting position. From all fours position straighten out one leg down towards the floor.

From the starting position, take the leg straight up and then back to starting position. Target is glutes.

3. From the above mentioned starting position curl your leg and bend your knee. You are targeting hamstring by doing these hamcurls.

4. From the starting position, bend the knee in towards the chest.

and then straighten the leg out as shown

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