08 August, 2008

Bosu leg exercises- side lying- Series 10

These leg exercises are all done in the following side lying position on the Bosu. This forms the starting position for all the following exercises.

1. Raise up the upper leg straight up. This targets the abductors or the outer thigh. Exhaling take it up and inhaling bring it down. Continue the repetetions.

2. From the starting position, bring the knee in towards the chest. This targets the glutes.

From bent knee position bring it to straight leg position as follows.

3. Turn the bent knee downwards towards the floor.

And then rotate it upwards towards the ceiling.

4. Now the target is Adductors. Cross the leg which is above and bend the knee and place the foot on the floor.

Move the leg which is below (underneath), up and down. This targets the adductors or the inner thigh.

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