12 August, 2008

Bosu leg exercises- stretches- Series 15

1. Lie down on the floor. Relax and simply place your feet on top of Bosu. Just breathe and relax to prepare for upcoming stretches.

Slowly lift the pelvis off from the floor. Then also take one leg off from the Bosu, straight up in air. You will feel more tension building up in the hamstring of the leg which is on top of Bosu.

2. Place the Bosu upside down and lie down prone on it. Your hands are on the floor, directly under your shoulders. Front of the thigh is on top of the Bosu.

Slowly fold your knees to feel the stretch in your quadricep (front of thigh).

3. Stand on top of the upside down Bosu. This needs more practice and balance. Your core and leg muscles will contract and activate.

Slowly lift the heels up and come on pointed toes. Feel the stretch in your shins.

4. Standing on top of the Bosu, take one foot back and drop the heel down. Feel the stretch in the calf muscle of this back leg. You may extend the hands forward for balance. Switch the leg and do on the other side as well.

5. Standing on the floor, place one foot on top of Bosu. Lift the front foot and come on the heel. Now slowly bend forward and grab hold of your toe. Feel the stretch in the hamstring. Then switch the legs.

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