16 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga-Series 18

1. Eagle Pose - Garudasana
Type of pose: Standing, balancing
Benefits: Strengthens legs, improves balance, stretches the shoulders

Stand on top of Bosu. Bring the left leg up and cross the left thigh over the right. Hook the left foot around the right calf. Bring the arms out in front. Cross the right arm over the left and bring the palms to touch. Lift the elbows while keeping the shoulders sliding down the back. Hold 5-10 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

2. Stand on floor next to Bosu. Place right hand on top of Bosu. Slowly start bending forward and lifting right leg up till it comes parallel to the floor. Stand firmly on the left foot and raise your left hand straight overhead. Look up at the hand overhead. Repeat on the other side.

3. Stand on the floor facing Bosu. Place your right foot on Bosu. Take the hands behind in Anjali Mudra. Press palms firmly close to each other behind you. Now slowly start bending forward so that your head touches the front knee of the foot which is on top of Bosu. Then repeat on other side.

4. Stand on top of Bosu. Slowly start bending forward, extending both your hands in front and lifting up one leg. Keep lengthening through the spine and going down till hands and one leg is in one straight line, parallel to the floor. Your body makes a T pose.

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