07 September, 2008


Everyone knows that to maintain optimum health we all need a certain level of exercise. The benefits that can be derived from a moderate and consistent work out regiment are numerous. Cardio vascular exercise is an absolute requirement for maintaining the health of your heart and lungs. A consistent exercise program will also help you control your weight whether you need to lose weight or just want to maintain your current healthy weight. Exercise will also have a beneficial effect on your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and aid your body's control of your insulin levels.

Walking on a regular basis is an excellent way to get a good moderate cardio work out to help you maintain your health. By walking you will be working out your heart, lungs and all of your major muscle groups. Many people have trouble maintaining a daily or even regular routine of walking for many reasons. For a lot of people a treadmill is a great tool to help them with this problem.

For many people there are a lot of things that will hold them back from taking regular walks. In many areas the weather is only suitable for a pleasant walk a small percentage of the year. The rest of the time you would have to deal with some sort of unpleasant weather that will make your walk anything from unpleasant to possibly dangerous.

Rain, too cold winters, and wind can all make for a less than pleasant walk. Extreme heat and cold however can actually make walking dangerous, with extreme heat probably being the most hazardous condition.

Using a treadmill to do your walking will solve that problem along with many others. When you use a treadmill you get your exercise right in the comfort of your own home, there is never any worries about inclement weather conditions or even unsafe streets, which is an issue in many areas.

For many people walking can be rather boring, unless you live in a place with a highly stimulating scenery walking will quickly lose any mental stimulation. You will soon be bored with walking the same streets and passing by the same houses and trees day after day. With a treadmill you can do something else to help entertain you or even stimulate your mind while you walk. You can set your treadmill up so that you can watch television while you exercise, or simply listen to music. If you want something a little more mentally stimulating you can even read a book while you use your treadmill.

There is another even more beneficial advantage to using a treadmill. With a treadmill it is far easier to control the level and difficulty of your work out. If you are simply walking outside it is difficult to control your pace to make sure that you are getting adequate exercise. If you are having a day where you are feeling a little less energetic than usual you will most likely slacken your pace with out even realizing it. With a treadmill though you can set it to the same speed that you use every day and you have to maintain your pace to keep up.

Frequent exercise is necessary to maintain good health, a treadmill is one of many tools that you can use to assist you with your exercise program.

The treadmill has long been used by many fitness professionals as well as by numerous individuals in their homes or in hotels. Many appreciate the many benefits treadmills have to offer as there are several. Here are 10 ways in which the treadmill can be beneficial for your health.

1. The treadmill has a padded surface that is easy on the joints so as not to cause unnecessary strain on the body. This makes the treadmill a good piece of exercise equipment for those who are aging.

2. Treadmills have a visual display which will allow you to see all of your results right there in front of your face. What you will see are things such as how many calories you have lost, what speed you are walking or running, your heart rate, your mileage, etc. Seeing all of this data can serve as a motivation as you will see that your work is really paying off!

3. You will not have to worry about tripping or falling over pebbles or having your ankle twisted because your foot got caught in a whole when you run on a treadmill. As these are the things you would have to deal with and worry about when running or jogging outdoors, the treadmill keeps you free from such worries.

4. You can set the speed at which you will exercise so as to optimize the amount of energy your body puts out. This will help you avoid unnecessary strain.

5. Treadmills, depending on which kind you have, can enable you to face the TV and watch a favorite show or movie while working out. This will help the time fly by faster making your workout more enjoyable as you will not be paying too much attention to what you are doing hoping the time will hurry up and fly by. Just think of it. You could never do this outdoors. Some treadmills, today, even contain a small built in flat screen TV.

6. Treadmills are a healthy way to work out as you can adjust the settings to what is comfortable for you.

7. Should you want your workout to be a bit more difficult forcing you to work harder; you can adjust the incline simulating a hill outdoors.

8. Working out on a treadmill allows you to keep an eye on what is going on in your home such as with your children. Rather than putting them in a day care center at the local gym, you can work out in the comfort of your own home keeping an eye on those precious to you.

9. Rather than partaking in fad diets, working out on the treadmill allows you to lose weight at a rate that is safe and healthy for your body. This is the very reason many fitness instructors as well as doctors continue to recommend this method of exercise.

10. Treadmills are relatively affordable, and almost anyone can own one.

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