19 October, 2008

Buy Organic Vegetable in Delhi

I am quite particular about the quality of food I eat. I am a vegetarian and the quantity I eat is really less. So I rather make sure that the quality is very good. I like organic fruits and vegetables. One place that I can recommend in Delhi for buying organic products is Namdhari. They have one shop in Green Park Extension and the other in New Friends Colony.

They would have most exotic vegetables and other grocery items. Despite the fact that they have organic fruits and vegetables, their prices are reasonable.

Earlier they were in Green Park Market and also had amazing salad Bar. Talking about the Salad Bar, I would highly recommend Nirula's Potpourri in CP, where they have the best spread of salad buffet for lunch.

Another place worth mentioning is Modern Bazar in Vasant Vihar. I like this because I get everything that would not be available anywhere else. A variety of cheese- low fat, fresh Mozarella, some imported herbs and spices, snacks for my growing up boys to pack in their tiffins, etc.

Similarly there is Morning Store in GK-I, M block Market. These are bit expensive stores but known for their variety.


  1. hmmm Organic food Stores..well i will def. buy them whenever next time when i go to CP and green park..i think delhi has to work a lot on this retail option to have a wider reach..

  2. @ Harmony.Yes do try this store. it is very good.

  3. yeah i will try that for sure!tk cr!

  4. @ sheetal. Yes opt for organic veges

  5. I also love organic fruits and vegetables that's why whenever I go to the grocery I always buy organic fruits and vegetables to make salad. Hmmmm..... delicious. Feels I'm craving for a vegetables salad. Thanks.


  6. I dont know abt the veg qualty in Naamdhari and Modren bazar . Are they truly selling organic veges and fruits or just an eyewash ? Do you People relly know about organic foods ?