28 October, 2008

Happy Diwali Everyone

These pictures are for you and for all of you who are away from home and missing India's Diwali. I hope you can feel at home ( just a bit) by seeing these.

Past few days have been lots of Diwali parties, visiting friends, distributing and receiving Diwali gifts, bad traffic jams on Delhi roads and lots of fun.

Right now I am in my room, with my lap top and I can hear Dhol (drum) beats and crackers on the road outside. Soon it is going to be Puja time.

Thats my Mandir ( Puja Room).

                                                This is the passage to my fitness centre.

My Home


  1. wow cool pics kiran....:)..wish u a happy diwali again :).


  2. Wow..You put in a lot of effort for you friend. Sweet. :)

  3. Kiran, this was an awesome post -- I loved every bit of it. Your house is so beautiful.
    Happy Diwali ;-)

  4. happy diwali.. its a ligetening season indeed. thunderous diwali in tamilnadu

  5. It's an amazing blog with everything one needs to know about fitness and sculpted and toned bodies. Don't know but healthy bodies go a long way in improving the health of a nation but whenever i come across these young guys and girls with well toned bodies misbehaving, with people around, it makes me believe that it takes more than a healthy body. maybe, the need of the hour is character building before anything else. maybe need of the hour is much more complex than my thought. In earlier days, in gurukuls, healthy of body and mind were integrated by the gurus. today, people take care of their bodies by exercising, avoidign junk food but leving their souls exposed to the toxins seeping in through the exertnal environ. do we have a way to work on souls?

  6. wow. u have decorated your house so well. i especially like ur pooja room and the entrance in the second last picture. feel that jhoomur gets more nostalgic seeing these pics.

  7. Thanks Nischal. Wish you too the same

  8. very well decorated.. :)

    I notice hand shake in all the pics :(

  9. Thanks Manasa.
    Would be more careful about hand shake in future. :)