30 October, 2008


  1. cool.. i am a mobile blogger offlate...

  2. @ chriz so now you can read it on mobile.

  3. Hi

    Can I also mention that a service called Mippin offers a very similar service - www.mippin.com/mobilizer - where we mobilize blogs and provide customisation tools too.

    We also offer are a huge number of existing mobile interent users when your site is published to mobile, because it's listed on the http://Mippin.com mobile site where there is one of the largest number of mobile users of any site in the USA or UK.

    We've also just launched some cool new social software which enables users with similar interests to you and what you write about to be put directly in touch with your blog! You should try it. We also made an Oscar winning (?) video about our social features here -


    Hopefully it explains the concept. We have a wordpress edition too so let us know what you think.