16 October, 2008


Another pill worth mentioning to cure acne is Diane 35. Diane-35 is a contraceptive pill that doubles as a very effective acne treatment.
Diane-35 provides contraceptive protection as reliable as other pills while it also relieves acne, greasy skin and hairy skin.
Essentially, Diane-35 works by regulating your hormones: estrogen and progestogen (reproductive hormones) and androgen (which can cause acne, by prompting excess oil production in your skin).

When can you start using Diane-35?

When taking the Pill for the first time or after being off the Pill for a while, you should take Diane-35 on the first day of your period or menstruation.
In this case, contraceptive protection is provided from the first day of Pill intake.

How is Diane-35 taken?

A package of Diane-35 contains 21 Pills. Start with a Pill marked with the correct day of the week. You should take one Pill each day following the direction of the arrows.
After the entire package has been consumed, take a 7-day pause during which you will have your periods. Menstruation generally comes 2-4 days after the completion of the pack. You will notice a more regular, shorter, lighter and less painful menstruation compared to periods before using the Pill.
Start your new package exactly after the 7-day Pill-free pause, even if menstruation has not stopped yet. Thus, each new package is started on the same day of the week as your previous one, making it easy to remember.

How soon can contraception be achieved?

If Diane-35 is started on the first day of your menstruation, then its contraceptive effect is immediate. Contraception continues also during the 7-day Pill-free period.

How do you remember to take it every day?

For best results, make it a daily routine and take your Pill at about the same time / occasion every day (e.g., after breakfast, after brushing your teeth in the morning or at night). Keep your Diane-35 pack in a place where you will easily notice it.
Always have an extra pack of Diane-35 available so that you will not run short of Pills (you may leave the new full pack over the Pill-free period at the same spot so that you will remember to start the new cycle exactly after 7 Pill-free days).

How does Diane-35 work in treating acne?

As an acne treatment, Diane-35 works by blocking the effect of androgen on your skin. Receiving no stimulus from androgen, your skin produces less oil -- thus reducing the formation of new spots and blackheads. After regular treatment with Diane-35®, your acne clears.

The special hormone in Diane-35, Cyproterone Acetate (CPA), attaches itself to androgen receptors in the skin and then blocks the receptors ("like the wrong key jammed in a lock") . The androgens then cannot affect the skin.
Additionally, as a contraceptive pill, Diane-35 also reduces the activity of the ovaries, so that much smaller amounts of hormones, including androgens, are produced.


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