13 November, 2008

Hair Care

For quite some time, I had been neglecting my hair and they were turning lifeless. Lot of sweat during exercise was also taking its toll on my hair. I have always been very experimental with my hair. Till few years back, I had long hair below my hips. Then I got them chopped short. I have tried various colors, styles, perms etc on my hair. Genetically I am blessed with good quality, thick, lustrous hair. But now I realized that they were screaming for my attention.

I decided to go for L'Oreal Hair Spa treatment yesterday to my nearby beauty parlour.

If you haven't tried the L'Oreal Hair Spa already, you must. A lot of salons are offering this service. It's 45 minutes of hair pampering you won't be able to get enough of! And the best thing about the Hair Spa is that it is customized to your specific hair need (normal/greasy/dry/problem hair). Depending on the type of Hair Spa you choose (aromatherapy, for example), there will be a hot-oil massage, steaming, hair wash and deep conditioning. At the end of 45 minutes, your hair is left smelling like heaven- and feeling like it too! So book a salon appointment right now and treat your hair to something it won't stop thanking you for.

Hair spa is an advance way of conditioning hair, which provides all the answers to the personal needs of every hair type, with refreshing & relaxing, stimulating and nourishing sensation for the scalp & hair.

It works on both hair and scalp and give instant smoothening, manages the hair making it is easier to style with softer feel and lots of shine

The hair is conditioned, steamed, massaged, washed and dried.

Hair spa treatment is available in salons for hair damaged due to repeated coloring. It is administered to improve and add shine to damaged hair. 

People with very dry or damaged hair can use replenishing balms or hair serum after colouring.

My hair are simply thanking me now. In just one sitting, the difference is drastically noticeable.


  1. Oh Kiran, it's true, I love getting my hair done when I travel. Mainly, I don't like spending time on my hair, especially when I am on the road. But I am completely capable of wearing a bandana for 3 days straight, LOL, it's true.
    The treatment you had sounds so pampering! I need a trim pretty badly myself, I haven't had one in months...

  2. @ agnes :) bandana for 3 days?
    Yes the treatment i had was amazing and you were the inspiration.

  3. haha a much needed post for me..ma hair is disastrous...

    abd btw ur weight 54..ma God wat cool one..I am 53 at this age..God save me huh!
    I am gonna die of heart attack..lol

  4. @ Priya. Don't worry you wont die of heart attack. you are constantly reading a health and fitness blog. :)

  5. Put a pic Kiran and I'll have an affirmation :)

    Gawd! I desperately need the hair spa treatment. Since I read/heard the song 'wear sunscreen', I'm really not experimenting w/ my hair these days.
    Do you assure me that if I continue to be glued to you blog I'll be slim and beautiful? :D

    Lol! I know, tough luck!

  6. @ still thinking. Don't think so much. This experiment is worth it. I guarantee you, you will love the effect. Instant results.

  7. I have been wanting to pamper my hair since like ages....wanna curl em yp style em up...dunno where to go what to do and scared shit if I end up looking morbid !

  8. If you are in Delhi, I can recommend you some places. Do try this hair spa.

  9. hi kiran thanks a lot for your valuable vote. well I was going through your blog and found many useful articles here. You are a celebrity, I saw your videos of Zee news. After reading your post on Kashmiri khewa I too wish i could drink this.

  10. @ santoshi. yes kehwa is really yum. i still have it at home.

  11. tell me one thing kiran... this is on the basis of things that i have heard...people say that if u do a lot of such hair treatments, ur hair becomes very thin and thus it is prone to hairfall. is this true?

  12. Nope not a delhite..Bangalorean. can you suggest me a place plz ! I have a frens wedding coming next month !

  13. @ Rahi. Hair spa only gives life to dead hair. does not make ur hair fall. stops it from hair fall. u get such health, shiny, soft, lustrous hair. go for it.

  14. @ cinderella. oh dear i am not familiar with bangalore. you must check with some good parlors. I am sure they would have L'Oreal hair spa.

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  16. Hi Kiran I never expected that you will publish the photos in your blog. well it was a pleasant surprise for me. If I knew this before I would have put your blogsite url on your photos.

  17. @ santoshi. I hope it is fine with you that I put the pics on the blog. If at all it is not, I will remove them. Loved them. thanks a lot.

  18. @ health and fitness. sure I would be interested.

  19. Oh this is exactly the thing I was looking for!
    Ty Kiran
    Also, I am a hair freak and dream of a utopia of hair sans split ends ;)