18 February, 2009

Fitness stick Workout on NDTV


  1. Oh my, you're even prettier than I remembered!
    You really make me want to work out :-)
    How's everything going Kiran?
    How was the course you took in Bangalore?
    And did you find new tutors for your son?

  2. Hi Kiran, the fitness stick looks to be very useful. I felt that the girl who was demonstrating the exercises with the stick was uncomfortable. But u look great working with this magical stick. By seeing this video i came to know that this stick is declared as the equipment of the year. Great!!!

  3. Thanks Agnes.
    Things are doing good. Busy with my sons. I have yet to go to Bangalore. I have decided to put everything on hold till 30th March ( till their exams finish). Then I wil go to Bangalore and do an advanced course in Art of Living.
    I have found tutors for him and also I am working with him.
    Do convey my thanks to Geoff also for his Valentine day wishes.
    I am touched. You both are wonderful people.

  4. Kiran,

    Good motivational clip. You look nice.

    Take care

  5. Auuum

    Singamaraja visit very beutiful women

  6. Thanks for the great news, Kiran. You're such a great mom and such a great person.

  7. Oh, Kiran.

    I "borrowed" your logo to create a link to your site. I want to be sure it's OK with you so please check it out on my site. I think it looks great but I want you to be sure you like it. Oh and thanks for the compliment, Miss Goddess, coming from you it means a LOT :-))))

  8. awesome video and u r looking very good! and very impressed with art of living!

  9. Hi Kiran, Wishing u and ur family a Happy Holi :)

  10. Very interesting, thank you so much for this live blog, I like it because it's real!

  11. Thanks for putting up this clip.
    Could you please tell me where I can buy the Gym stick in India? I live in Bangalore and it does not seem to be available in regular gym equipment stores. Thanks.