12 May, 2009

My show with John Abraham

So the details of my show. It was launch of Diet Pepsi Slim Can.

What did I have to do in this?

John Abraham is the brand Ambassador for diet Pepsi.

So It was a mass workout. Me and my troupe choreographed a basic aerobic routine for the masses which people did along with us. Wearing heart rate monitors we calculated the number of calories that we burnt and multiplied it by the number of people working out with us. It gave a very approximate idea of total calories burnt by the group. The amount that came was donated in Rs to a non profitable charitable society. And the amount was Rs. 2,65,000/-
It felt good to be part of this charitable cause.

Diet Pepsi, announced the launch of its ultra cool and sleek Diet Pepsi Slim Can at an attractive price of Rs. 15/- only, a pricing never seen before for Diet Pepsi.

Bringing alive Diet Pepsi’s distinct proposition of ‘Go Play’, the Slim Can was unveiled in a first ever consumer launch set up through a mass work-out session with brand ambassador and Bollywood fitness icon John Abraham. At Ansal Plaza, as the music reverberated, my aerobic troupe steered the audience, consumers sweated it out, John motivated them, the calorie meters kept ticking away making every calorie truly count, building the crescendo, to the final unveiling of the Diet Pepsi Slim Can amongst its consumers with fanfare.

The ‘Go Play John + You’ mass work-out session in Delhi garnered huge consumer turn-out all geared up to sweat it out with John. A total of 2,65,000 calories were burnt resulting in an equivalent amount being given to ‘Conserve’ (a non-profit organisation) as Diet Pepsi’s contribution towards creating awareness amongst the youth to protect & improve their environment.

Diet Pepsi, through its partnership with CONSERVE, aims to educate the youth about the importance of environment conservation. This awareness programme will see a unique drive wherein special garbage bins for recycling will be placed at youth congregation points in Delhi and Mumbai. Volunteers from Diet Pepsi and CONSERVE team will inform and create awareness about this cause amongst youngsters about environment, hazards caused by plastic to the habitat and ways to improve surroundings through recycling etc. Different bins will be placed for different disposable materials such as plastic, glass, metals, etc.

According to John Abraham, brand ambassador for Diet Pepsi, “I am extremely excited to be associated with the launch of Diet Pepsi Slim Can, that too, through such an innovative mass work-out session. This event combines my passion for fitness coupled with environment which is increasingly becoming a concern for all.”

According to Mr Shalabh Ahuja, CEO, Conserve, “We at ‘Conserve’ are proud to be associated with Diet Pepsi to promote the cause of recycling through this unique mass work-out session. It is great to see brands like Diet Pepsi that are taking cognizance of issues like recycling and leveraging their relationship with the consumers and lending commitment. We would like to thank the Diet Pepsi team and John Abraham for playing a crucial role in this.”

The pics above are clicked by a friend Nadir Shahid with my latest SLR.


  1. Nice Kiran. Great to see you supporting a nice cause that also promotes fitness though I do find it a little ironical that a maker of carbonated drinks is promoting such a cause. The larger damage to public health (especially that of youngsters) done by mass consumption of carbonated drinks is probably a LOT more than the good done by them supporting such causes. Just my opinion. Cool Pics !

  2. do you really thinks that Pepsi Diet will work ?

  3. What an innovative idea - combing a healthy work-out with ecological awareness and brand promotion! I would like to say that carbonated drinks, if taken in moderation, will not do too much harm - and since people are going to have them anyway, better to go for low calorie options like Diet Pepsi. Great pics - John looks super-cool in white!