27 May, 2010


My style of dressing (specially for dresses) is also inspired from Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City. In fact it is one of my favorite soaps and I am eagerly waiting to watch sex and the city 2.
My another favorite store in Delhi is Joss. I love their collection. In fact whenever I try to pass that store, I avoid looking/peeping inside. Because I know, one look and I wont be able to stop myself from buying their beautiful dresses. This store is so me. So here is one of the dresses I bought from this store.

Dress: Joss, Sandals: Nine West, Seattle, Bag: Coach (borrowed from my sister Komal).

I like the print of vintage cars on my dress.

Location courtesy: US Arizona Memorial, Hawaii.


  1. Very pretty. Also, I really like your haircut Kiran :-)

  2. you do know i love this dress of yurs..
    its so cute..good one.

  3. heehee, Bag: Borrowed from my sister Komal who in turn, exchanged it with my Mom. Talk about recycling. We are so environment friendly:)

  4. I really like the summery essence of these photos my sister.