19 June, 2010

Do husbands read your blog?

Well in my previous post, I had expressed my wish list. Few blogs/ days later, it got fulfilled today. Check my previous blog here to see what the wish list was. And you would exactly know what I am talking about. Today was a good day. A weekend- relatively less work. This is what I did today.

Went shopping for my wish list

Dress: Macy's 
Necklace: Gift from a friend (she exports jewelery)
Location: Emporio

And behold. What did I buy....
Raise the curtain....
See my clutch...
It is...
My first one....

Am I happy...yes yes yes

Yes sure I want to show it offfff...
Watch: Fossil...I love its Charms.

Yes Important information. Presently everything is 25% off at Judith Leiber in Emporio, Delhi. So grab it now.

And yes it is empty. Got no money to keep in it. :)))))


  1. Hwo lucky !!! Congrats :) What a caring - pampering husband! :) Enjoy your new clutch! It's quite a grab!!!

  2. oh! the lieber...you are so lucky :)

  3. sahi hai...Jiju ne dilaya? Then where is pic with Jiju?
    Yes, u r lucky

  4. that is the most divine purse ive ever seen...very cool


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