21 June, 2010

What puts me off

10 things that put me off.

So here is the list of 10 things that put me off.

1. Blank calls/ junk, forwarded smses (with silly quotes, or just good morning types)- promotion of credit card calls/smses etc. They waste my time.

2. On the dance floor- sweaty smelly people (if wanting to dance with me), big NO NO.

3. Things at home not kept at the right place. Untidy home, dirty bathroom, scattered kitchen. (I would not enter kitchen, if it is not spic and span).

4. Abusive men- well for that matter anyone (even women or kids) who are abusive.

5. People who come and preach/ give unsolicited advice- specially on the subject of which they have no clue about (trust me, I have known people who have started preaching about health, diet and fitness to me and I have just chuckled and politely kept quite). There are quite a number of Mr./Miss/Mrs. "Know it All," I know of.

6. Interfering behavior/ judgemental / snobbish/ high headed attitude/trouble makers, creators/ impolite people/ back biting people.

7. People who are not punctual and make me wait. Or people who do not honor their word.

8. People who talk aloud. Really, it hurts my ears.

9. People who come and ask me- How should I loose weight- when I am enjoying my evening, party, function, family do. What am I suppose to do then? There have been times, when I am in a saree, standing with a mocktail in my hand in a lawn (outdoor party) and a relative/friend comes and asks- tell me how should I reduce this stomach? Tell me an exercise. I simply gape and wonder, what do I do now? Should I keep down my glass, lie down on the lawn grass, wearing my saree and show him/her an ab crunch right there? So I have to tell this person- Come to my studio and we will talk. Of which, they infer- OK she would not give me free advice. She is calling me so that she is able to charge me there. Have you ever faced such queer situations in life? I absolutely wonder how to handle this. And it happens with me all the time.

10. Unsafe driving.

11. Extreme cold temperatures.

What are the things that put you off? Do write.

Outfit for the day

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Sandals: Nine West


  1. Haha!!! Oh I know when people keep asking 'How to loose weight?' at inopportune time! Worst when you do tell them and they pay no heed!

    Thanks for sharing your list! :-)

  2. love that yellow on you..unsolicited advice is a big piss off ..i agree :)


  3. Your dress is so cute! Great post ♥

  4. The orange dress certainly doesn't put me off :) It's lovely.

  5. I agree with all the points on your list! Lovely yellow dress too :)

    And your comment was the sweetest ever!!