13 July, 2010

Clothes that make you feel alive

I have this client who is just so positive, dedicated, energetic and fit. She is so aware about fitness, reads a lot, is very humorous and witty. Today she was wearing this beautiful, bright, happy and neat yellow T shirt. When I told her this, she told me something beautiful that I want to share here. She told me a quotation from Valentino- "Only wear clothes that makes you feel alive". How true. Like me, she also likes bright and vibrant colors and it simply makes me happy and alive, to even to look at her. The result- I so look forward to working out with her. So today, even if her session was at a time, when I was exhausted after taking 7 long continuous sessions, I was full of energy and spark during her session. And was enjoying every minute of her repartee. Do clothes/colors make that much difference? I think it does. That is why a sight of rainbow is euphoric for everyone. A workout folder (the folder I give to my clients- which measures their weight, inches, fat% etc), has to be nice and bright in color. All food companies (Domino's, Pizza Hut, Coke, Pepsi) have red and blue color as their packaging color. Because these colors increase the appetite. Green is a color for wellness (doctors, hospitals), nutrition (organic food). Bottom line- Colors do make a difference.

I remember once, in Spain, I saw everyone dressed in beiges, whites and creams. White pant, beige top. Cream pant, beige shoes. Maybe it was the trend of that particular season. But certainly the colors were missing. I mean nothing wrong with white. My personal favorite color (Even my Guruji's favorite color) is white (along with fuschia). But a happy white. Not a dull, dead white.

So here is one more saree post in nice and bright Fuschia color. 

French Chiffon Saree with Khadi work on it. Khadi is also known as Tinsel Printing, has a long tradition in Rajasthan and this manner of decorating the textiles was extensively applied to costumes of royalty. Gold and silver dust is used for tinsel printing.


  1. That sari is lovely... please put up a close up of the work on it!! it drapes beautifully on you...

  2. I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree about colour philosophy and chromatherapy. I base my life and my work around it. I completely understand what you mean about "happy white"

    ...I have to admit, I have a huge problem with the grey and beige preferences... live and let live yes but... these shades are called neutral for a reason..

    I found you/your blog through the Fabulous Tanvi. You are absolutely fabulous as well and my goodness you are GORGEOUS! I love your saree, you look beautiful!

  3. Thank you Anks and Dusk.
    Anks, I will try to shoot some close ups next time.
    Dusk thanks for visiting the blog. Thanks for the complements. I could not reach your blog. I guess it is a private blog.