03 July, 2010

End of Saree mode

Probably you noticed me a lot in a Saree mode, of late. Yes, it was a wee bit too much for me too,  to handle now. Of late I attended so many family functions. And these were happening on daily basis. But yesterday was the last one. So I am now settling back in my old routine of work and home. I guess now I should take a looooong break from Saree (at least till the time of any other family function or Art of Living Satsang- specially with Guruji). BTW did you notice that I never pin up my saree. In fact, I like it free flowing and I certaily do not want to poke holes in my precious sarees anywhere. One tear would tear my heart (what rhyming). A tightly pinned up and perfect draped saree, I think is best suited to air hostess or a waitress in a five star hotel. Also I take less than 5 minutes to drape a saree and unlike so many girls, who crib that they are not comfortable in this fabulous Indian outfit, I am absolutely at ease in one. In fact, it is a salwar kameez, which I find too tedious to carry (strange no?). Another aberrant fact about me- I find high heels more comfortable than flats. In fact, the flats make my feet ache. I can walk whole of a mall wearing 6 inch heels without a trace of discomfort. Hence, you would never find me wearing chappals, kolhapuris, juttis, etc. Yes, at my work place, the protocol demands that I am in shoes. But that's the one and only exception.

So here is what I wore yesterday

Saree: From my in house weavers

                                              Jewellery: The best jeweler I know of- My dad

Above and below are my pictures in the same Saree on my first visit to Bangalore Art of Living Ashram. 
Simplicity and Austerity.

Behind me is the room where I stayed in the Ashram.

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  1. Your looking pleasanly in Saree ... its Nice !
    Srinivasa Rao.S