10 July, 2010

I cannot/do not

Few things that many people do and I do not or cannot.
  • 1. I do not eat Thai food.
  • 2. I do not drink tea, coffee, aerated drinks.
  • 3. I cannot wear boot leg, torn jeans or low waist jeans. I am not too fond of jeans or Salwar Kameez.
  • 4. I do not layer my clothes a lot.
  • 5. I do not wear embroidered sarees ( I can wear kashmiri, parsi and lucknawi- chikan, embroidery or swarovski. Definitely no sequins, beads and zardozi)
  • 6. I cannot travel economy class by air. Or stay in a hotel which is not a five star. I mean- do not get me wrong. But, I cannot.
  • 7. I cannot enter a dirty, messed up kitchen or a bathroom.
  • 8. I cannot eat roadside food or unhealthy food.
  • 9. I do not wear a black saree.
  •       10. I cannot live miserly.
  • 11. I cannot drive rash.
  • 12. I cannot have unprofessional attitude.
  • 13. I cannot be unpunctual.
  • 14. I cannot give up my one and only superstition that mom told me- not to wash/cut hair on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nor cut nails on these days.
  • 15. I cannot see tears in the eyes of my mom, dad, sis, sons and husband (Priority is not necessarily in the same order).
  • 16. I cannot live without exercising.
  • 17. I cannot start my work without praying and connecting to Guruji- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  • 18. I do not eat non vegetarian or smoke.
  • 19. I cannot ever do drugs.
  • 20. I cannot start a fight but I will definitely be the one to end it- my way. (In other words- I do not take shit lying low).
  • 21. I cannot survive extreme cold temperature.
  • 22. I do not sleep without changing into my night clothes or with make up on or without saying my prayer.
  • 23. I cannot drink milk or even soya milk. I am both soya and lactose intolerant.
  • 24. I cannot wear any hair accessories- head band, clips, make a bun etc. It gives me a headache.
  • 25. I cannot/do not walk bare foot at all. (Exceptions- going to a temple. Doing Yoga/Pilates/Mat based exercises).
  • 26. I do not wear wedge heels. Find them ugly.


  1. Thanks for tagging me! It's going to hard for me to think of things I CANNOT do because I am usually very positive, and I say I CAN! :D But let me try...

    1. I cannot eat food with chili in it
    2. I do not drink alcohol
    3. I do not smoke
    4. I do not know how to drive
    5. I cannot cut my hair short
    6. I do not eat meat
    7. I do not wear real fur
    8. I cannot cook
    9. I do not do any sports
    10. I cannot ride a bike

    I could only think of 10 things! :P

    Leia's Delights

  2. hey thanks for tagging..will do a post soon..this would also be a fun as some recent tags have been :)

  3. Ok Maam Swahney.. here it goes
    1. I can not be rude and not apologise later (other than family). I have a need to be nice a'la monica gellar :D
    2. I do not eat egg or meat
    3. I cannot drink alcohol... hate the taste.
    4. I cannot wear short or minis
    5. I cannot run more than 10 feet :D
    6. I cannot fight dirty
    7. I cannot wear too high heals anymore.. lost touch. :(
    8. I do not wear leather or furr
    9. I do not and will not have pets. I dont hurt animals but I dont want to be around them either
    10. I cannot and will not let anybody harm my child
    11. I do not eat cheese
    12. I do not and cannot drink plain milk.
    13. I cannot eat fries anymore.. happy Kiran??
    14. I do not like rude people
    15. I cannot go on roller coaster
    16. I do not wear Kanchivaram
    17. I do not like people who are not patriotic or people who are communal
    18. I too cannot be unpunctual and dont like people who are unpunctual
    19. I cannot work when the workplace is dirty and unorganised (includes my kitchen)
    20. I do not like window shopping.

    so what say? I wonder if I can go on and on.. but it was hard thinking.. :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for tagging me. I will get to it soon :o)

  5. Also Kiran
    21. I cannot smoke or do drugs
    22. Once I start reading a book I cant put it down until the last page :)
    23. I dont drink tea or coffee
    24. I dont make friendships on the internet

  6. Jyothsna we match a lot. Specially-2, 4, 10, 13, 18, 19, 21, 23. But I can do window shopping all the time- anytime, anywhere. Gives me immense joy.

  7. Wow! I loved the outfits and you too!

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  8. Older post but yet worth a read. Know you better.