19 July, 2010


Do you ever recycle your outfits? I do. Years back (at least 10 year- may be more), I got this ghaghra skirt from Ritu Kumar along with a top from her. Now you can't simply discard a piece from Ritu Kumar. I had spent a bomb on it. But it soon went out of fashion. Such long, never-ending skirts were no more in. It looked unflattering. So what did I do with it? Watch.

Skirt and top- Ritu Kumar
Location: Peoria

Bag: Benetton

I converted the same in a Anarkali. 

Bag: Gucci
Location: Srinagar

I was able to use it again. The fabric was as good as new. The style had gone out of fashion but it was recreated and made trendy.


  1. Very good recycled product ;) The color looks fabulous on you and I also like the choli part of the anarkali! :)

    You know I do it all the time. I love to get life out of my stuff that is still in good condition. Specially old dupattas :)

  2. Hi, dropped in from Tanvi's and loving your blog...thats so very creative....loving the way you transformed it....the skirt/anarkali is amazing...and you are very pretty...and I love your choice of sarees...I wear weaves all the time too and they are classics...glad to chance upon somebody who shares the same passion

  3. Lovely! I am tempted to steal your idea.... now all I need is a good tailor...

  4. I LOVE anarkalis and I think the outfit looks even better in the new recycled style!

    Leia's Delights

  5. Regular visit...kiran...nice dresing sense u have

  6. Amazing creation! I guess there is always a designer hidden in a girl, me too always try to use old duppatas creatively!

  7. Kiran, i like your creation better than ritu kumars!! seriously woman fashion is ur calling.. awesome

  8. I just love love love..photo blogs.! so many pics and smiles.