23 July, 2010


Sometime back, I had posted these pictures on a blog post here.

Today my friend showed me a blog where Juhi Chawla is wearing a same chanderi Saree, though with a different and I have to admit, better blouse.

What do you think?
And here is another blog post where I had posted my this outfit pictures

Does my Dad's Jewellery has any similarity to Sonam Kapoor's jewellery?
Dad I think you should also notice her choker and get that made for your dear daughter.


  1. yeah i remember seeing juhi's pics on highheelconfidential..i guess you are looking good too..different ways to style the saree :)

  2. hey i love this choker ...totally...from where did you get it..i mean is your Dad's shop in delhi?

  3. oye hoye - cha gaye tussi te! Wah bhai wah! Very very nice post.
    Now get the other choker type of necklace also that Sonam is wearing.
    And get eh red blouse with your chanderi. WOW! I'm still amazed that ur friend found a pic of Juhi in same saree.

  4. yes i saw and will tell to papa about this .you will get this soon.

  5. yes i saw and glad to see . Papa will make for u same.

  6. I like your way of styling too, and the choker that Sonam is wearing is quite beautiful, hmmm great way of wearing Indian jewelery, has given me ideas

  7. Oh my gosh the choker in the last picture is just DIVINE!

    Leia's Delights

  8. You look very pretty in the kundan necklace....very ethereal...
    and hey just now checked your website...awesome.....you lost 15kgs in just a month....thats amazing kiran....what did you do? I am also in the weight loss journey and found the e-trainer interesting....where can I get more information on this?