08 July, 2010

Sports Wear

I had been tired of regular sports wear brands- Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Puma (Search your wardrobe. Do you have more than all these?). I had sworn to myself that I am not going to buy these brands now. And I did not want to buy Lycra. I mean it might be OK for a person who just has to exercise in it for an hour a day. But I had to endure it for hours and it gave me no air to breathe. I had been thinking of a solution and yippie...I got one yesterday. Look what I picked up. And I have picked these in so many colors and lengths. And it is cotton. And I love it. It is so comfortable, so breathable, so flexible and so chic.

Holding this position, on top of Bosu is great for core conditioning.

This is my sans make up, workout look.

Holding this position on top of Bosu is great fro core conditioning plus balance training.

Here is description of my outfit post.

It is a Dhoti Capri and simple, soft, cotton T shirt: Trendy Divva- Metropolitan Mall, Saket.

                                                                 Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Standing on Inverted Bosu.

Yes I love its pockets.


  1. Yes yes!!! I want these too! Very cool.

  2. You look very cute even if you have no make up. This is a great idea for an article!

  3. I wish you could come and be my personal trainer! :P

    Leia's Delights