11 July, 2010

We were destined to meet.

I was in Shanghai, walking on Nanjing road. The road is a busy shopping area, spread across few kilometers. I had walked for good 10 kilometers to and fro without realizing, till I felt that my hamstring were totally tight. I  had to stretch it and I knew, then I would be ready to walk few more kilometers again. I went to a store, quickly picked up few dresses to try on, then went to their trial room, did a forward bend. Stayed in that position for just a few minutes, took a deep breath in and I was ready to go again. But now, after being refreshed, my eyes fell on this bright Orange dress. I tried it on and instantly loved it. Everything about it was so nice- the color, the fit, the neck, detailing on the neck of pom pom, fabric- just everything. It was irresistible. I had to buy it. And here it is.

Dress: FCUK, Shanghai.
Location: 360 degree, Oberoi, Delhi.

Location: Ai, Delhi

Location: Alaska Cruise.

I have used this dress just so much.


  1. It is a very good looking dress. No wonder it's one of your favorites. I love it when I get a lot of use out of an item I purchased.

  2. Isn't it great to find a dress that is versatile and that you can wear multiple times? This one looks perfect, and such a nice color too :)

    Leia's Delights

  3. Love this color on you :) Also like you hair in the first picture!

  4. love the color of the dress...looking fab..