25 July, 2010

Young or old

When it comes to sarees, I am a very traditional and austere person but my western wear is very young spirited, delightful and playful. And hence, there is quite a contrast (superficially) in my two personas. One looks very mature, settled, calm (saree) and the other (western wear) looks very youthful, full of life and high spirited. But that is me. That is exactly ME. I can be both in one go. And that is exactly the reason why I can gel very well with all the age groups. I have friends who are 10 years younger to me. Well, I do not have friends who are 10 year elder to me but family (relatives), who are elder to me and I can blend with them easily. It could also be because I am the eldest daughter and youngest daughter in law. So here is a simple outfit post. Also I think that age is just a number. You are as old or young as you think yourself to be. It is all in the mind.

Location: Hawaii.

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Austerity Brings Freedom
Austerity is often mistaken to be poverty, self-denial. It is neither.
Austerity comes out of maturity. It is a sign of social health.

Often people who practice austerity are resentful of richness. This is a very pitiable state. Such austerity is not born out of maturity but out of compulsion. The true austerity has tolerance for richness and is never resentful.

In fact, one who is mature will have pity for one who is not austere. Austerity is not against celebration and just vanity is not celebration.

Celebration dawns in the spirit. Only one who is rich in spirit can practice austerity. One may be rich materially but if he is poor in spirit he can neither celebrate nor evolve.

Poverty of spirit is vanity. Austerity brings freedom from the pride of vanity. But taking pride in austerity is again a vanity !

Austerity comes out of abundance, and austerity brings abundance. If you feel a lack in any area of life, immediately start austerity. Austerity not only brings freedom but nurtures sharing and caring.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||


  1. that dress... that hair... u could pass of as a college freshman!

  2. Really cute and youthful look!


  3. What you wrote at the top of the post is very true to me as well. Dressing traditionally or in western clothes makes such a difference.

    I do love how cute that dress is on you. The colour is great.