31 August, 2010

Angel in my life

Recently, this card was hand delivered to me. First have a look at it.

How very thoughtful. This is one card that I will cherish all my life. It is so special. It felt so special to receive it. 
I truly think that this girl is an angel- God sent. I actually visualize her with her wings and wand, showering her glittering stars. She is so special. And I TRULY mean it.

Ok another new thing in my life.
I took my first Tango lesson and attended the first Tango party and enjoyed it so much. Here are a couple of pics that were shot at the party.

Dress: Max Mara
Tango sandals: A guy in Mumbai makes them on order.

 Yes, I also took my first lesson of playing snooker. Liked it.


  1. That is so sweet... Tango, Even am planning to join a salsa or a tango class... Any suggestions in Delhi..

  2. You are right about angels. :)

  3. That handwriting... . . . .looks like some one with a strong character.
    As for Tango, it is not easy I suppose.

  4. That is a beautiful card. Nice to see you enjoying the party.

  5. Very beautiful card. You are correct regarding the angels.

  6. That is indeed a lovely card to receive. And tango looks like great fun! I have a feeling that dancing in heels would not be for me, but I've always loved watching it!