25 August, 2010


If you have been reading my blog, you know about my fetish for Sarees- traditional Sarees and Chanderi tops the list. I like Chanderis so much that sometimes, I make a special trip all the way to Chanderi to get my stock. In fact, when I went this year, I bought so many for myself, my mom and sister as well. This fabric is absolutely a dream. So here is my special outfit post in a Chanderi Saree.

It should be no surprise why I like this saree so much. Totally because of its color hues woven in Chanderi.

Jewellery: Dad

And this is the reason that made this saree such an irresistible buy. Look at the riot of colors in each fall.


  1. Looks grand. Loved the colour. I have heard so much about chanderi but don't have one in my wardrobe. The colour adds to your beauty.

  2. What a beautiful sari!!! The mixture of colors is just divine! It is so, so, so beautiful, please show us more of your collection!


  3. love the different colors of the sari, the pleats look too good.