12 August, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Softness And Forcefulness

Guruji: Certain types of people are soft and their softness comes out of lack of courage and forcefulness. There is yet another type of softness in people and this softness comes out of maturity, magnanimity, and the knowledge of the Self.

The people who are soft out of lack of courage suffer a lot. And sometime or other they become volatile.

Similarly there are two types of forcefulness in people Ö aggression or assertiveness. Some people are forceful in an aggressive manner out of weakness, lack of strength, or out of fear. Others are forceful out of care and love, out of compassion.

David: Aggressive control and aggressive support.

Guruji: So look into yourself and become aware of what type of softness and what type of forcefulness you have.

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: "The more we are grateful, the more grace we will have in our life. Be happy and grateful." - Sri Sri... 

Outfit of the day

Yet another Chanderi Saree
Necklace: Gift from friend

Location: Cafe Coffee day: Catching up with friends after attending AOL Satsang (yes amusing no?)
Yes, I wear chandan ka tika sometimes. Guruji says it cools the mind and is auspicious.


  1. I am forceful out of care and love, out of compassion but I want to have the second type of softness.

  2. hi Kiran,

    liking all the spiritual posts :)
    especially when am reading them at workplace...
    the necklace is pure love...its gorgeous and a very pretty saree.....

  3. My favorite part of this is the big smile you are wearing on your face! :)