18 August, 2010

I Love----Myself

Dress: Macy's
Watch: Chanel
Silver bracelet: Very thoughtful gift from my very dear friend.

Let me admit. I love myself a lot. In every possible way.
Like my Guruji says in the previous post- I’m a child who refuses to grow up.

I love celebrating my Birthdays. Always have- even as kid, when I used to celebrate it with my few close school friends and even now. 5 days left for my Birthday. The count down has begun and I am so excited again to celebrate it with few of my people who are special to me in their own special way. 
Above is a picture of a flashback. 

I am such a Birthday person, that last year I gifted myself my dream car. It was a surprise even for my family, who saw it when I drove it home. This is how I gift things to myself time to time and pamper myself. Dialogue from "Jab We Met"(Bollywood movie)- Main to apni favorite hoon. And truly I am.


  1. he he..that dialogue is also one of my favorites and is bday ever complete without the cake? i think it is important to preserve the child in ur ourselves..life is more fun that ways.

  2. It is true that a child lies beneath every individual,....

    BTW, love your blog, its very fun to read! Cheers

  3. b'day wishes in advance.... so what are you gifting yourself this year?

  4. You are one happy person with full of life...I guess Guruji has a lot to with it but you probably good personality.

    Happy Birthday in advance.

    (Where do you live...I mean in which country..)

  5. Advance Happy Birthday to You. So what is your plan for your Birthday?
    I love each and every post of yours. You are looking very pretty in pink dress.

  6. You have given me something to think..why didnt I think of myself..woh gifting:)
    I like Macy for their fashion jewellery.

  7. hi mam, u still looks like a teenage girl

    My post udate check and drop comments

  8. I like your attitude, We must love our self, pamper and enjoy life. I will reserve the birth day wishes for the D-day