19 August, 2010


So I went shopping for a dress that I would wear on my Birthday. Of course, these days (yeah these days only. Time to time it changes), my favorite designer is Ranna Gill. So I went to her store and tried few dresses. And I fell in love with each one of them. Now I could not have bought each one of them. But I bought two. I would wear one out of what you see below on my Birthday. But each piece was so fabulous, that I had to share it on my blog at least. I took store manager's permission and she was more than happy to let me take pictures of the rest of her outfits and allow me to put it on my blog.
Till then I would leave you guessing, which one you would see me wearing on my Birthday. This post is just a preview. 
And yes, you are more than welcome to share your guess work with me, or your opinion- as to which one you like/prefer, in the comments. 
I really want to see who can guess.


  1. waise toh mujhe 3rd from last bahot pasand hai, but I guess you would like the last one-- as it really makes one "feel alive" :-) hhehehe enjoy...aap pe toh sab achcha lagega :D

  2. I hope you picked the last one... its a fun piece!

  3. Well the first dress is my favorite! But I think you will wear the blue patterned one on your birthday :P

    And in response: I don't think I have lost any weight, but some clothes are more figure-flattering :) my problem area is my waistline, everything else is quite slim. So, when I can hide that, I look more slender ;)


  4. Thanks for visiting my blogs and for your lovely comment. Please visit my blog to get the answer of your ques-
    All the dress looks gorgeous and suits you. So which one you have taken?

  5. I liked all the dresses. I feel all will suit you well. I will wait for the surprise:)

  6. ab sabko bata bhi do - that I won the guessing game:)
    I not only guessed which one you picked but also "why" you picked that one and "why not" the 'other' one. Chalo chalo, bata do..

  7. It is trick question...I think you picked all....

  8. They are all so beautiful, though my computer isn't loading all the pictures at the moment. From what I can see, I love the first one, and the second from last. But really, I would love to have any of them.