28 August, 2010

Sugar facts

One thing I will continue to do is take care of my heath.

Does this make me selfish. Probably but I am
okay with it.

One of my keys to health is to stay away from sugar.

The product that so many have people addicted.

Here are some facts about Sugar that you deserve to know.

Sugar causes degeneration which contributes to fat and
plague building up in our bodies.

It depletes our body’s stores of Vitamins and Minerals
Ex. Transport of Vitamin C

It interferes with essential fatty acid
Ex.  Inhibits the release of Linolic acid

Lowers the function of the adrenal and immune systems
Ex. Supports food allergies and destroys tissues

Lacking in bulk and fiber
Ex. Slows down speed at which food passes through
the digestive tract.


  1. I love Chocolates and coffee. Probably that is my only additions but I agree with you about sugar Ms. Dietitian.

  2. Indeed. Sugar is evil! But I personally would rather have sugar than all the artificial sweeteners, at least in those things that I must have sweet!