07 September, 2010

Either Life Is Too Short Or Eternal!

The realization that life is very short brings dynamism in your life. Unwanted things will fall off as well as distractions. When you have to be acting or putting out effort, know that life is short. When you are expecting a result, then you are often frustrated. The ignorant person does it the other way: He hurries for the result and is impatient. Impatience goes away when you know that life is eternal. When you are looking for a return of a favor from someone or a result from your good deed, you want it quickly. When you realize life is short, procrastination falls away. But when you know that there are many lifetimes, you realize that if you don't get it sooner, you get it later. Wake up and see your life is too short. Time is running so what are you doing with your life? Is it being useful to you and the world around you? Realize life is too short. WAKE UP! LIFE IS ETERNAL!

When you want to enjoy the fruit of action know that life is eternal. When it comes to hope, you should know that there are many lifetimes. When you are looking for results, know that time is eternal. If someone doesn't thank you or takes advantage of you, thank them because they will pay you back later with interest. So no one needs to feel sorry that they have been taken advantage of or unappreciated. Know that they will have to be paying you back in the future with interest! When it comes to enjoying the fruit of your actions, good deeds or even blessings, know that life is eternal. Anytime that you are in a hurry, you cannot enjoy. So know that life is eternal.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: "Where all are happy, God comes. When the mind is happy our work gets done and we are able to bless others to heal themselves." - Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!


  1. WOw! This is what I need right now in my life. Thanks for posting this inspiring post!

  2. Nice. Good to read these.

    (PS:- You have the correct answer so I am holding onto posting those....)

  3. hey friend..good blog this.congrats..

  4. I'm more of a subscriber to the life is short idea, but I also procrastinate a lot. I have a feeling that means I'm doing things wrong in two different ways!

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    Bye, Rama.