26 September, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Organization & Devotion

Organization is control. Devotion is chaos!

Organization needs attention to details, a material awareness. Organization is being worldly.

Devotion is getting lost, forgetting the world, being in ecstasy.

These are opposite in nature. They don't go together, yet they cannot be apart or exist without each other. No organization can arise without devotion. When there is so much devotion, you simply want to organize. Devotion brings faith, compassion, and responsibility. With responsibility and caring, you want to give knowledge, wisdom, and love. Then organization happens. So organization exists through devotion.

If you are devoted, you won't just sit. The nature of devotion is to give. If you think you are devoted and you are not caring for the world, then you are merely selfish. Real devotion means being one with the Divine, and the Divine cares for the world.

Often you lose devotion in organizing. And often in the name of devotion you create chaos and disregard the organization. You have to be a saint to be both in organization and devotion. If you have both, you are on the mark. So . . .

Get lost and be guided!

- Sri Sri
SUTRA: "True relaxation gives you happiness, kindles human values in you, sharpens your intellect, and makes you creative and skillful."- Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!
|| Jai Guru Dev ||

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