21 September, 2010

I am loving it.

After a long gap, I am doing a pure fashion post. Yes, of late, it was lot of work that was occupying my time. But a holiday to Jim Corbett, gave me an opportunity to try my new camera that I gifted to myself. It is Canon SLR, EOS, 500 D. Can you spot the difference in the quality of pictures? I am still learning though.


  1. It is good you bought a 500D. It is a very capable camera. The high definition video in this camera adds more appeal.

  2. Good Picture => 90% Photographer's shot+10% Camera for static objects in sufficient light

    For moving objects or low lights, a good camera helps.

    Canon 500D is a good camera but that is my opinion about photography. I have febw pictures on my site...if you could tell me which one is from which camera..I used four diffrent kind of camera..including SLR and point to shoot cheap cameras.

  3. does it have an 18-55 kit lens? its a decent entry level SLR

  4. The picture quality does look much better! I would like to buy an SLR as well but I know that it would be a huge *time* investment because it takes a very long time to learn how to use it and play with all the different lenses (especially for someone like me who is really bad at photography!) so I am going to wait until I know I will have enough time to learn it properly and maybe take a digital photography class :)


  5. I've been to Jim Corbett twice and its such an amazing place...

    So sorry, am not that good in Photography but the pictures are amazing and you look stunning!

  6. Now your site opened with out problem.
    Your camera is giving beautiful results of a pretty lady. :)

  7. yes the picture quality does look better and you look pretty