29 September, 2010

Sankey Tank pictures

This is a real episode told by one of Art Of Living teacher- Shiva Bhayia, to me, personally.
He had a high paying job in US, had swanky cars, owned his own lake facing house, more than 30 high end designer watches etc etc. Once he got a bonus of some jaw dropping amount and was really elated. He had known Guru ji for a while by then. So, happily, he went up to Guru ji and told him about his bonus and said that he wanted to give that amount as charity to AOL. Guru ji told him- "Tu mujhe kya dega? Tera jo bhi hai woh mera hi diya to hai" (What will you give to me? Whatever you own, has been given to you by me only." Shiva Bhayia told me- "Kiran Ji, that moment I died thousand deaths and realized something much more bigger". Today, he is full time Art Of Living teacher and stays with his family in Bangalore Ashram. He is so happy. He says, "I have seen it all, done it all. I work for the best organization of the world, for the best CEO of the world". 

Anyways, the reason, why I just told this small episode was to tell you, little- reason for my ecstasy, that I had stated in my previous post. I am just back from a trip to Bangalore. More about my trip to Ashram, meeting Guru Ji etc in my next post. But yes, Guru ji gave me life time of joy and happiness during my this trip. I do not have to ask for a thing. He takes care of everything and anything which is missing in my life. I had such a Blissful time there that it is simply hard to describe in words. He had said right- "Tu mujhe kya dega?" That is why, I had stated in my previous post- I had the time of my Life and I never felt like this before......

Anyways, lets have a fashion post. I had been reading in few Bangalore based fashion blogger's blog a lot about Sankey Tank in Bangalore. This was definitely on my 'to do' list. So here are my pictures of Sankey Tank in Bangalore. 

Dress: Roxy, (Gift from sister- Thank you Komal. It is my favorite color and combination).
Bag: Burberry
Sandals: Salvatore Ferragamo

Clip: Gift from sister.


  1. Very nice story you brought here. Thanks. Nice pictures but I liked the story more.

  2. Lovely dress & location! Looks like it was about to rain though!


  3. Heehee..dekha phir...u carry it so well. And u must mention, it is picked from 'girls' sizes':)

    I'm glad u liked it