13 October, 2010

Annambrahma In Guruji's Presence

Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, founder of Art of Living will be in Gujarat on a week long visit during Diwali festivities. A record breaking Annambrahm and advance course in Vadodara mark the visit of the spiritual guru.

Shri Shri Ravishankarji will visit Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara during the visit starting on November2. The first day will have unique event Annambrahm. The focus is on the rich Indian vegetarian cuisine through the grand Annam Brahm (annakoot).

Devotees of Guruji will prepare 5,000 vegetarian food items — totalling around 5 tonnes — at around 250 community kitchens to be set up across the city and state. This mega event, to be held at the Sri Sri Dham, Besides Jhansini Rani Statue, Near Shivranjani Char Rasta, Satellite, Ahmedabad from 6.30 to 9 pm, will be marked as a record in the Guinness Record Book.

People from all walks of life have offered services for the programme. They will prepare specialties according with their regional flavour. These items will be offered to Guruji placed in the form of Gorvardhan parvat. This Bal Bhoj, will be given to poor children. Satsangs will mark the Annam Brahm.

The next day, i.e November 3 rd, Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji will be in Rajkot to perform Lakshmi Puja to mark Dhanteras. This will be followed by a Maha Satsang (6 pm onwards).
On Diwali day (November 5 th), Guruji will be in Vadodara for Mahalakshmi Yagya and Deepawali Pujan (6 pm onwards).
From November 6 th to 9 th, Guruji will conduct the mega advance course in Vadodara.

This time, the festival of lights, rangoli, sweets and new clothes, “Deepawali” is going to be brighter than ever as our beloved Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankarji has chosen to bless Gujarat with his divine presence.

As on Deepawali an ‘Annakut’ of hundreds of delicacies, made by the devotees with a lot of love is placed in front of god as an offering. The heart longs to offer as many items as possible. With immense pleasure and joy we announce that we AT AHMEDABAD have decided to get together and prepare 5000 different vegetarian food items to offer Guruji. This form of MahaPrasad is known as Annambrahma.

The purpose of this exercise is not to create a record for record’s sake, but to promote vegetarianism, which is very much rooted in the principles of non-violence, love for all living beings, and healthy eating. Volunteers from all over India will come to prepare these dishes. The quantity of each dish will be 2Kgs, which means 10000 kgs of food in total!


On the event of Annambrahma, we will surrender all our gratitude at the Lotus feet of our Guru and express all the love we have in our heart. Guruji will notice everything with utmost affection and care. The MahaPrasad will then have His Blessings and we all will be able to share this precious Prasad with one another.

We will present enormous variety of Vegetarian food items from many states of India, as India is known for its openness to accept different cultures. We propose to include many international cuisines like Chinese, Italian, American, Thai etc. to offer to Guruji.

This herculean task can be made easy, if we all chip in the best that we can offer.

So please come forward and donate your time, energy, and/or money.


* · Sending in your recipe
* · Communicate this event to maximum people.
* · You can send your contributing as follows:

§ Prasad: 1,100/-

§ Maha Prasad: 5,000/-

§ Thal: 11,000/-

§ Rajbhog: 25,000/-

§ Chappanbhog: 51,000/-

§ Annakoot: 1,00,000/-

* · Cheque and DD to be in the name of VVKI Guj Apex Body, Ahmedabad
* · This donation is exempted under 80G of income tax act.
* · For recipe e-mail: recipes.annabramha@gmail.com / pragnesh@ssrvm.org
* · Contact: +91 98250 13713 / +91 94260 09726

|| Jai Guru Dev ||
 Live telecast of Navaratri celebrations 2010 from Bangalore ashram

Sri Sri Publications Trust is happy to announce that Navaratri Celebrations 2010 from Bangalore Ashram will be telecast live on Shraddha TV on the following dates:

08th to 16th Oct....8 pm - 9 pm

14th Oct...............5pm to 9 pm

13th to 16th Oct....8 am to 12.30 pm

(or till end of Homa/Pooja) 

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