20 October, 2010

Communist China invites spiritual leader

Beijing Looks To Boost Ties With Delhi With Invite To Sri Sri Ravi Shankar For Satsang
Beijing: In a first-of-a-kind move, the Communist government in China has invited Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to visit Beijing.

“Guruji”, as he is called by disciples, will attend a meeting of Chinese religious leaders organized by the state-run China Overseas Friendship Association and hold a ‘satsang’ on October 24 and 25, sources from his ‘Art of Living’ system of learning, said. At least 400 people from all over the country are expected to attend the event. “We expect a lot of senior businessmen, celebrities from show business, medical and educational personnel, and even psychiatrists to attend,” said Tang Qiyu, owner of a $40 million ashram-like resort set up recently on the outskirts of Beijing for yoga and meditation.

Sri Sri will hold the ‘satsang’ at the resort, which has nine meditation halls and a building devoted to ‘Art of Living’. Tang met Sri Sri in Bangalore last year and has since developed the resort as a meditation centre at a frenzied pace. He invested over $15 million and set up state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a water canal, and planted over 100,000 trees in the area.

The Chinese government, which granted the visa and allowed the Friendship Association to invite him, looks at the visit as a means to firm up friendship with India, sources said. “There is some change in the outlook of the Chinese government in spiritual matters. Amolji, a teacher from the Bangalore ashram, recently attended a yoga conference organized by the government in Beijing,” Tang said. This is Sri Sri’s first visit to China although some teachers from the ‘Art of Living’ ashram in Bangalore have been visiting and holding courses in Shanghai and Beijing for two years. It has groomed over a dozen Chinese teachers who are authorized to impart training. “I find there is a strong need and desire for spiritual bliss among many Chinese people,” said Swami Amol, a yoga teacher from the Bangalore ashram during his Beijing visit.
Around 1.5 lakh people to
attend diwali celebrations with gurujii @ vadodara...u r cordially invited to be part of history .....Jai gurudev


  1. I hope his teachings will change
    China's attitude toward human rights.

  2. Kiran,

    Did not you post the same announcement few days back? I clearly remember reading it.