11 October, 2010

Eat Pray Love

This weekend I saw Eat Pray Love. Julia Roberts has always been my favorite and she has again done fabulous job in this movie. She is a mature and seasoned actor. I had read the book long time back and the movie seems to have done justice to the book.
She Eats in Italy, Prays in India and Loves in Bali.
Well, I have seen all three places. But for different reasons.
I prayed in Bali (was doing my advance course of Art Of Living with Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji).
I live, love, pray,work and eat in India.
And what was I doing in Italy? Simple traveling with family in Milan, Rome, Venice. And admiring the beauty of the place.
So my experience of all the three places shown is much different.
India is, of course, shown in any Hollywood movie or a channel like BBC, in a hugely different way than what I see and live here as. The only things such movies and channels focus here are- cows on the roads, slums, children shitting on the roadside.
Thats not the India I know of or live in.
Nevertheless, the movie was fabulous and I loved Julia Roberts. I wish her costumes were better. She wore a bad saree and draped it even worse and paired it with horrible chappals and payals.

On a much lighter note, I also saw Khichdi. It used to be a funny TV serial, which they have also made into a movie. It was light, funny comedy, which made me laugh throughout.

Ok here are some fashion pics.

I am seriously contemplating about investing in a snooker table at home. Should be fun. 


  1. oh I did not like the movie eat pray love but loved the book,your dress is so pretty Kiran

  2. I really want to see and read Eat Pray Love! I agree that Hollywood portrays India in a very strange way, and they wear saris very badly :P (even though I can barely wrap a sari and always have to ask someone else to put it on for me... but still I would never leave the house wearing it in a silly way!)