11 October, 2010

Fitness Pics

Here are few shots in my fitness attires.

Demonstrating Kapalbati.

This was shot in Shanghai. 

These are my studio pics.


  1. I like these pictures. You look very pretty in the last two. I have a hard time believing that once upon a time, you were fat. I think our defition of fat is different :P I think I weigh 57-58 kgs, which you will probably call "fat" :P


  2. I am not a yogi, merely a practitioner but I do practise kapalbhati (last pose in Bikram) but also outside of practise times... to eliminate negativity... I also practise bhastrika.

    You were hardly fat!!!! You are gorgeous. I do love that 2nd photo... you can see how taut and strong you are... what an incredible body you have Kiran! You...body, mind and soul... such an inspiration.

  3. Nice pics. You look very pretty.

  4. I like your pic wearing the maroon dress.It suits very well and you are not fat.