22 October, 2010

Gifts Galore

I write fitness columns for many publications. One of it happens to be Gloria magazine. They had an event/party today and I was also invited. Now I am a freelancer and not their in house team member. So, I knew I would not know many people there. Hence, I asked one of my friend to accompany me. I also call this friend my official photographer who, whole heartedly obliges by clicking pictures for me.

So here is what I wore. And what I wore is very special because each piece is a gift from a special person in my life.

Location: Lure.

Clutch: Judith Leiber

Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger: Gift from my elder son on my Birthday- from his own earned money.

I specially like this detailing on the skirt.

Stole: Kenzo: Gift from Husband.

The story behind the stole. 
My husband is a manufacturer/exporter of shawls, stoles, mufflers, etc. In fact, he is considered as the King in his own field. He talks about warps and wefts just like I talk about fitness etc.
Naturally, it is an unsaid rule for me, that I do not even ever peep inside the window of another shawl showroom. We would know for sure, that it has all been made by my husband.
Similarly, I would not buy my real jewellery from anywhere else except my dad. Similarly, I would not allow my boys or my husband to workout in any other gym or with any other trainer but me.

Well, but my husband surprised me by getting this stole from Kenzo. In fact, I questioned him, that how come he bought something like this. So he explained me that this piece was special. He told me that he could not create it. There were some very unique warps and wefts that were used in each square inch. He said, "the moment I spotted it, I knew, I had to buy it for you". So it is extra special.

Rings: Forever 21: Gifts from my younger son. 
After his exams, he took me shopping. I saw ample number of his classmates there, shopping for themselves but he shopped for me. In fact, he selected these for me. And also treated me to a great lunch. I was flattered. 
Watch: Fossil: Gift from husband. Strangely it has small engravings of Ganesha.

Top: Gift from my sister. Love the color (fuschia) and the detailing of roses. 

I like this picture because of my jawline, that is so visible.

Sandals: Nine West.


  1. You hsve posted lot of pictures. I admire all of them. But the best one is today. Your pic with Guruji.

  2. Kiran,

    When we come to India next time, I will have to contact you for autographs and stoles/shawls too.

    You are a star.

    Nice pictures :)

  3. Dear Kiran you look so glamorous in the outfit very nicely put together,you are blessed to have so many loving people in your life always stay happy

  4. You know, a lot of people don't understand it but clothing items can hold a lot of sentimental value. I love the way you told us where each piece was from and each of the stories. When I was leaving London, I had to pack all my clothes into boxes and I had to choose which to leave behind and which to take with me. It was so hard because every piece I picked up told a story - who was with me when I bought it, an occasion at which I wore it, or someone who bought it for me. :)


  5. Nice blog Kiran, giving all the details. We now not only know about you but also about your lovely family.