14 October, 2010

Guruji today

The Yagyashala had a very special atmosphere in Bangalore Ashram:)

After dinner HE came to  Yagyashala! His voice was completely different today. Completely. It was amazing.

"This whole world is made of the 'devi chetna'. We have to raise this 'chetna' and experience it too. All our Yagya's and chanting which we are doing now helps in this. It has 2 advantages - 1 is for the world and the worldly things we need. The other is to nourish the subtle within us.
Keep accepting the things happening around you and see the mind becomes quiet. Today we are so many of us here but we are still one. The puja's happening here take you back to the self. to the source. and when you get back to the source you become powerful and beautiful.
We are so fortunate to experience this atmosphere today. We're today 1 body, mind and spirit. We do not understand all the veda's and other things being read out now - but the subtle part in us understands this and our karma's get cut because of this. Desires get fulfilled when the subtle becomes strong. Self realization happens here"

And then He got up for the puja and in a while - he waved - smiled and gracefully walked out of the yagyashala!

Tomorrow is Maha Rudra Homa :)


Only the intelligent get confused! If you are confused - just smile :)