21 October, 2010

Guruji's answers few questions

Time and again we face events where things go wrong and they need to be taken care of. So the one who needs to clean it also arrives! This is your work too and that is why you are here. In some places see how they do Puja – just read mantras for the sake of reading them – the way they offer flowers and other things – it’s done in haste and with the intention of “finishing it off”. That is not how Puja is done. Puja is that which is born out of fullness. It is complete in itself. It done is with “bhav”. A yogi’s presence itself is a puja. But this is a tradition which has been going on for centuries and it should be done. Puja is that which is born out of fullness and fullness comes after doing puja – it is both. And chanting and doing all of this is good.

Q) When faced with a problem should you ask a guru for help/answer?

Guruji: Yes, of course! Sometimes he speaks and answers – sometimes he remains silent – but he does his job! That’s how he works.
Am I doing my job? How many of you feel I am doing my job right (and then some stood up and even gave some healing experience and incident where “the work got done”)

Q) In confusion and in an anxious state of mind how do I know if you are giving me a hint or no?

Guruji: That’s the time your mind won’t work or listen to you. At that moment nothing is charming or enthusiastic or anything. So how can you get rid of it? Just relax.

Q) What’s the importance of “Shhradd”? (Shhradh is the ritual done for the departed soul)

Guruji: It is ok to do it. Usually people would do it for a year but you can do continue to do it even later its fine. Whatever you do good in remembrance of them – those vibrations reach them wherever they are and helps them.

Q) Could you elaborate about the soul choosing the events and life at the time of birth?

Guruji: You see if everything is already chosen then what’s the purpose of Karma? And what’s the point then? Life is a mix of destiny and free will. Certain things are chosen and certain are not. You come on this planet with a certain capital – but to make it profit or loss is up to you.

Q) Why is it the unscrupulous and corrupt people are living a more materialistic life and the god-fearing and poor people suffering more and more?

Guruji: Those who earn money which is not theirs – their fall also is like that. It might seem at certain times things are ok – but then it won’t last. And you have seen this – from time to time. Isn’t it? And don't nurture that thought in you – that only such people are doing good etc – you will feel there is no point being good and steer yourself in the negative direction.

Q) Can you speak about Trinity?

Guruji: This is not actually a concept of Judaism. It is come from Christianity. Jesus introduced this concept. This is a concept similar to what Hinduism has also spoken. Father is the “paramatma”. Son is equivalent to the “guru”. The holy ghost/spirit is “maya”.
Similarly the mother divine is “shakti”. Yet when you speak of the trinity – the truth is 1. Which is similar in Hinduism too. It is the 1 truth which is expressed in 3 ways and that’s what makes the universe diverse too. The Hebrew script was translated so often and got distorted. That which was to mean “Jesus was the son of the only god” became “Jesus was the only son of god / Only Jesus was the son of god”. Many even say the bible was written almost 70 years after Jesus left the planet. But these are one of the many theories – which we shouldn’t bother and think about. Let the scholarly people discuss and debate about them and they will not reach any conclusion.

Q) (Something about emotions)

Guruji: Emotions come and go. It was there before – it will be now also. It’s just that the contrast is a lot more now. Now you are aware of them. Don't look to get rid of it. Accept it. It’s ok to cry or to yell or be angry. Don't avoid emotions. The point is about how quickly you get back to your “self”.

Q) Is religious dogma a thing of the past?

Guruji: It is something which is encouraged by a few who don't have a scientific mind. (and suddenly Guruji clears his nose – he had a slight cold today )

Q) Is nature doing puja?

Guruji: Yes! Infact puja is about reflecting nature.

Q) What to do if your own loved ones repeatedly hurt you even for no fault of yours?

Guruji: Smile and teach them a lesson while smiling.

Q) You said “Don't catch my words, catch me”. How do I catch you?
Guruji: I won’t tell you that! I gave you a hint You figure it out. Become quite and hollow and empty.

Q) (This question was in Tamil – I’ve done my best to translate – since some part was very hi-level for me to catch. It was a series of question and answers Guruji and this man exchanged) Are you god?
Guruji: First you tell me what is your definition of God and then we can discuss this further.
(He explains some bit but adds – here everyone call you and think of you like God)
Guruji: Don't think of god to be sitting somewhere outside. Allow things to be. This is a play of consciousness. Existence itself is divinity. Life is sadhana. Sadhana is not what you do for 1 hour in a day. In Tamil they have said – Anbe Shivam. Shiva is in you and in me too. The word for God itself says it (in Tamil) – the divine which is present inside you. And our saints had spoken of this much earlier of how the universe began and how the different states of matter came in existence.
(Then he asked: Is stone also a god)
Guruji: The divine is in you and you can chose to see it wherever you want. In a stone or in mud in the air anywhere.

Q) How can we get young people into the courses?

Guruji: You should make it more colorful and interesting. Young people will call more young people. You keep the intention and the rest will happen. You must make it interesting for them. They think spirituality is boring and it takes very long to get results. That’s not the case – isn’t it? Your first Kriya experience is enough for this.

Q) What is the magic behind Sri Sri’s eyes?

Guruji: The universe!

Q) When you are in Bangalore and in the ashram I never feel worried at all. Anything happens I know I am safe and nothing will go wrong. But when you go away I feel scared and some fear is in me.

A) Good – let some fear be there. When you do work you should do it with awareness and have faith.

SUTRA: "If you look to God, if you pray to God, with a full heart, dropping sorrow, then whatever you desire, will be given to you." - Sri Sri...

Jai Gurudev!

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  1. Making it interesting works for young and old people. I completely agree. Very nice!