29 October, 2010

Miracle story-10

Prakirtee, Mauritius

Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers

I was born in Mauritius, an island of an exquisite beauty in the Indian Ocean, where people of diverse religions and cultures live together in harmony. My immediate family consists of my exceptionally wonderful parents and my unique elder brother, who have been pillars in my life. I graduated in accounting and finance and I’m currently employed in the field of auditing by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Young and Inquisitve

At a very young age, I would ask my mom who we are, who created us, who created the universe and she would tell me, in her own wonder, that it’s the creator – but then I would again ask, who created the creator! I had that innate drive to know more about the purpose of life. Later, the illnesses and death of some close ones intensified those quests about existence.

Meeting Sri Sri in the Bangalore Ashram

My mom and brother had done the Part 1 course in 2001 and the difference was so vivid. Life for us all looked brighter but I barely knew anything about Art of Living or Guruji. August 2001, mom and I were on a trip to India and after lots of interesting circumstances we landed up in Bangalore Ashram. As I stepped in, it was the inimitable feeling of having come back home. A wave of comforting peace embraced me and that was when I first met Guruji. Love at first sight – I’ve known it. A single glance was more than enough to make me His. His smile, mischief, and way of grace moved me. The much love I lived in those two days was unparalleled. The pristine ashram, the sense of oneness among the devotees, the smile on every face, the ethereal magic of satsang and everything else welcomed me back home. No wonder I still am addicted to our Bangalore Ashram.

I was only 13 then. I have ever since lived and witnessed miracles in every sphere of life. Each of the Art of Living courses brought to me absolute gems to live a fuller life. Sudarshan Kriya is something I still can't fathom and its benefits surpass all possible expectations. The much I got from Guruji and His teachings is indescribable. He gave a new direction to my life.

Sudarshan Kriya keeps my mind clear and helps me focus

At primary school, I was lucky enough to always get A’s and regular Sadhana helped me keep up the standard at secondary and tertiary levels. The only difference was that I didn’t have to study for never-ending hours nor did I have to burn the midnight candle studying. Sudarshan Kriya cleared my mind and helped me focus better. My ability to understand any subject had improved tremendously. It all actually was nothing short of studying less, studying better and getting distinctions. Less time in studies meant that I had plenty of time to savor life.

Amazing health benefits from Sudarshan Kriya

As a child, I used to suffer from asthma and bronchitis. My heart beats would start racing and I would gasp after running a short distance only. I have been seriously ill twice and had to stay for weeks at the clinic. A fragile and volatile health I had and medicines, doctors were all very much part of my everyday life then. Sudarshan Kriya has set back the rhythm within me and I never thought that such dynamism could ever blossom back. It’s been years now since my health has known perfection.

My dad has got diabetes and the wonder of Kriya works here too, keeping the sugar levels much lower than what it used to be. More of a miracle was the days when he was suffering from the acute pains of calculus/kidney stone. Nothing could relieve him and we were waiting for the date to get it removed; but after the second scan, there was no sign of calculus. Blessings had then healed him!

On the map, our island is so tiny and at times almost invisible to the eyes of many but not to the divine eyes of our beloved master. Mauritius has been blessed by His presence and it is amazing to see how the grace is eliminating stress and how happiness is dawning in the lives of so many. Distance is no barrier. It’s another connection. He said we can turn Mauritius into a spiritual island; this is gradually happening with His guidance only.

Celebrating diversity in the Art of Living

Art of Living and His grace have been instrumental in bringing together people of various backgrounds, races, cultures, countries and here, we celebrate the differences. Art of Living Silver Jubilee celebration has been awe-inspiring. More than four years have elapsed but I still can’t properly fathom that I have been part of a crowd, as huge as 2.5 million people – each one of them bubbling with joy, dancing in gratitude, sitting in unison in meditation, helping each other so selflessly; all in one place, at one time! Truly a One World Family! I have met so many amazing people on this path, each one of them with their own life story – stories of grace are never lacking.

We might be millions in the Art of Living but the master is ever here, personally available for each one of us, taking care of us, our desires and problems – from the pettiest to the biggest. I gape in marvel every time I see Guruji meeting thousands of people and listening with such attention to each one of them, reassuring them that everything is being taken care of; and despite having crowds of people all around Him, barely giving Him any space to move, there’s never the slightest sign of annoyance. The care is ever present.

I can spend days and years writing about what all life with Him has been but it will still fall short. Words will never suffice to narrate the story of my life with Guruji; everyday is a gift, every moment is an experience, every little thing is part of this journey. Art of Living is a way of life, a gift of life and a life-long flow of joy, peace and love.

Jai Guru Dev

With love and gratitude,

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  1. That is a wonderful experience from a youngster. thanks Kiran.