31 October, 2010

Miracle story-11

The following two stories/ anecdotes, I have heard from Art Of Living Teacher. She was personally told about this following incident by Guruji's sister, lovingly known by everyone, as Bhanu Didi.

The devotees of Guruji, offer Him presents. Now, however big or small a present, Guruji always cherishes it, if it is given from the heart and feelings. He would not throw it away. 
So Bhanu Didi told that one such devotee gave him a cream- Fair and Lovely. (I know it seems a silly present to give. But His devotees give Him what they feel.)

Now Guruji, although, did not use it but kept it carefully in his room. Bhanu Didi told that one day, when she was cleaning Guruji's room, she saw that cream and thought that Guruji never used it and it was old and probably expired, so she removed it from there.

She said that when Guruji came to that room, without even looking around, He asked for that cream- that certain devotee had given that cream and where was it now. Bhanu Didi said, that she quickly brought it back and kept it where it was, and was relieved that she had not thrown it away.

Now second incident.

When Guruji visits any place, His devotees rush to meet Him wherever He is staying. Sometimes, they cook something and take for Him or offer Him sweets etc.

So He was in Delhi. (Presently also He is in Delhi). He was staying at a devotee's place. People were thronging that house to catch a glimpse of Him and get his Darshan. If they could not go in personally, they would send their box, that they had lovingly brought for Him. 

Similarly, one lady who was standing outside the house, sent a box of sweets for Guruji. Now whatever, His devotees bring for Him, will/have to/must reach Guruji. Now there were great preparations being made in the kitchen in the house too. So, it just so happened, that the lady of the house, who was very busy, just forgot to keep this one box of sweet in front of Guruji, when He was having His meal. It was also because she noticed one more box of similar sweets. So she thought, that she could/should keep only one box and not two of the same kind.

When Guruji sat to eat His food, He asked, that there should have been one more such box of sweet, which His devotee had lovingly sent for Him. Everyone in the house was taken aback. How did Guruji know? 
He knows. He knows everything.

Well, I had said I would tell two such incidents but there is  another one similar.

Guruji was boarding a flight along with another AOL teacher.
A lady, who had come to the airport to meet Him, had brought Him a basket of food. Now there was so much rush of people to meet Guruji, that she could not meet Him personally. So, she asked the teacher, who was traveling with Guruji, if he could give this basket to Guruji. The teacher hesitated and refused.
Inside, the airport, Guruji, told the teacher, you know there is a lady outside, who has come with a basket of food for me and since she could not give it to me, she is standing outside and is crying. Go get that basket from her. The teacher had to. 

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