27 October, 2010

Miracle story-8

This incident/story, I heard personally from a woman, and it gave me goosebumps. I do not know how much justice I can do, to tell her story, that she narrated to me. But all I can say with lot of conviction, is that, every word, that I heard from her, was 100% true, and she was not making it up. So, if you are reading it, read it with belief not with doubts.

Here is her story in her own words.

I am married to an Indian Ambassador and me and my husband would be transferred to different counties very often.
I did my first course with Guruji himself, back in 80's. That time Art of Living had just started. In fact, I was fortunate enough to do the course, which was taught by Guruji, personally. We were a small group and our sessions were held in some one's small drawing room. We would laugh and chat with Guruji.
But soon my husband was transferred out of India and I lost touch with Guruji. I got busy in my own life.
After about 10 or more years, we came back to India and were in Kashmir. Now when I had done course with Guruji in 80's, there used to be no mobiles. But in 90's mobiles had started. So one day, out of the blue, I got Guruji's call on my mobile (and I was very surprised as to how did he remember me or how did he get my number), saying that, listen for a month or so, do not travel outside Kashmir. No one in your family should. I was surprised, but we decided to obey. We were careful not to venture out of Kashmir. 
But, one day, my husband had a very urgent work, for which he had to go to Jammu. I knew of Guruji's warning but we decided to take a risk. Me, my husband and a driver, decided to drive down to Jammu. Keeping Guruji's warning in mind, we decided, we would drive very slow and carefully.
So as we were driving. I do not know what happened. We did not meet any accident, or hit anything. But, next thing we knew, was that our jeep was falling from a very high mountain and going inside a very deep valley. We were very scared. After few minutes, we realized that somehow, 3 of us had only minor injuries but were alive and conscious. The jeep was completely gone. 
Now we looked around and we were in dark valley covered with big trees, with not a soul in sight. We had fallen from some mountain top, landed in this valley and were still alive. We reached for our mobile phone and saw that in such dark, deep valley, there was no signal.
Now we started giving up hope. We did not know how we would call for help or would be able to move out of this place. I almost thought that we would die here and no one would ever be able to find us.
At such a moment, (and my husband and driver are a witness to this), my mobile phone rang (and yes, there was no signal. We had checked that before). Guruji was on the other side. I clearly remember, he told me, "Do not panic. Help is on its way."
After some time, we were airlifted by a helicopter.

Since that time, I have devoted my life to Art of Living. I work in Kashmir with children, whose parents have been killed in encounters. Guruji's mission is that these children, who are now orphans, should not choose a wrong path. Guruji shows them the right direction.

When I heard her story, I had heebie- jeebies. While typing her story, I still feel the same.
I can believe her story because, I had a similar warning from Guruji, which came true too.

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