13 October, 2010


He's out of silence :)
"Jai Guru Dev" - the first words he spoke after coming out of silence! Today :)

Ok so I also saw this movie- Do Dooni Chaar today. It is a movie about middle class or rather lower middle class family, their values, their desires and wishes and simple things that give them pleasure. Not only did I immensely enjoy the movie but their was also lot of message conveyed on a very subtle level. It is serious yet comic. Seasoned actors like Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh are there in it and have fully justified the roles they play. I recommend this movie. There is a lot to learn.

And now another fitness post. My clients can vouch for this. Plank is one of my top favorite. Plank is like a push up position. Now there are many variations I do for the same. Plank is an isometric contraction that works for the whole body. But specially it works for the core abdominal muscles. It is a beautiful exercise to do. And you have to hold this position for minimum one minute and can go up to five minutes. After holding, you will see how wonderful your abs get the workout.

This plank position is being held on the swiss ball. The only point of contact are the elbows and the toes. Rest all the body is lifted up. Keep the back straight. Neither scooping in, nor arched up. Holding on top of Swiss Ball makes it more challenging because here you have to even balance the ball, which keeps trying to roll and you keep trying to stabilize it. Awww!! It feels lovely.

Now here is a Bosu, which has been inwarded upside down. To make it further more challenging, one leg is lifted up. So now the point of contact is hands and only one foot. Balance and hold. Feel your abs working and toning. Simply Love it. Try it.

And yes, visualize a tray of glasses, filled with water kept on your back. You have to balance that. The back cannot tilt sideways even when you lift one foot up. And the neck has to be in line with the body- unlike me, who is busy posing for the camera. Concentrate, Focus. 

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  1. Okay I'm going to try this tomorrow! I don't have a swiss ball (yet) but I have done it in Pilates classes on the floor so I hope that will be effective for me as well!