27 October, 2010

Same to Same

Konakana Sen or her stylist definitely seemed to be inspired by my blog and my fashion. Sometime back I had featured this Saree on my blog. Notice our similar sarees, similar make up and similar style of keeping the saree simple and jewellery heavy.

And here is also Polki which is similar to Konakana Sen. 
Kiran Rocks!! (sheepish grin). 


  1. Yes. It does seem like that :)

    You rock regardless if K Sen copies you or not ....your job is more difficult than hers.

  2. She must be reading your blog ;)


  3. I think Konakana was about to walk the ramp in this pic, hence the get up. Very interesting blog by the way, I especially love the features on your saree collection! It would be lovely to see some more.