14 October, 2010

‘Secret of material prosperity & spiritual blossoming’

Sri Sri explains the significance of yagyas (pujas) performed during the ongoing festival of Navratri.  

There are three levels of existence - Outer world, subtle world of different energies and Divinity or God. All the yagnas being performed here aim to achieve both spiritual and material benefits. When you go deep inside yourself, from where everything has come from, you experience the Supreme Peace. Only when you are in deep meditation, these mantras have effect. These are very powerful and beautiful and enrich the subtle creation. We are so fortunate to be able to be a part of this.

There are pundits from all Vedas, and they will chant mantras. It is happening from thousands of years. These are done to benefit the whole world. We have gathered here as one body, one mind and one spirit, totally immersed in what is happening. Even if we don’t know the meaning, we know these are doing something good at subtle levels of our life, and for the whole mankind.

The intellect may not understand but the subtle body understands the depth. And the vibrations that are produced are doing good to all the subtle layers of existence. This energy creates benevolence, benefits the whole mankind, washes away our bad karma, promotes harmony in the world and desires get fulfilled. Desires get fulfilled when there is strength in the subtle. These bring us close to self- realization and also to achieve success in the world.

As one body, one mind, established in the Ultimate Truth, fulfilling your worldly duties and relax in the depth of peace. Immerse in this love and devotion with the feeling that everything is happening well, everything is being done for you. Like corn – when it is little warmed, it becomes pop-corn. In the same way, consciousness is all Divinity, and with the chanting of mantras, it blossoms and manifests. This is a beautiful occasion for letting the consciousness to blossom. Om Shanti! (Let there be peace) 
'Celebrations bring us together. Drop your worries. Intelligent people spend their time in celebrations.'- Sri Sri...