26 October, 2010

Surya Namaskar with Fitness Stick.

Surya Namaskar

1. Starting Position : Put the two ends of the tubing in your feet and hold the bar in your hands about shoulders width apart overhead, feet are shoulder width apart and you are standing straight.

2.  Slowly hyperextend the arms (backward)

3. As you exhale, bend the torso forward and down from the hip hinge and try to touch your feet with the bar.

4. As you inhale, put your right leg back as in lunge position and left leg bend from the knee, thigh parallel to the floor, hands are still touching the floor and 

5. Then put your left leg also, you are now in plank position, abdominal muscles tight, back straight, hips are not in or out.

6. Slowly, touch your knees to the floor and then touch your chest to the floor without touching the abdomen, hips are up towards the ceiling. Hold your breath.

7. Cobra- As you inhale, lift your neck and torso up to navel level and below are to the feet are touching the floor, resting your torso on your hands, elbows are flexed.

8. Inverted V- Start lifting your upper back and hips. Try to touch your heels on the floor.

9. Now bring your right leg forward in between the hands from where it started.

10. And then the left leg forward too. Try to straighten your knees. 

11. Lift the hands up towards the ceiling and 
12. finally come back to the starting position.

Now repeat the same on your left side.

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