02 November, 2010

In love with Tango

I have not shared this on my blog. Past few days, I have been dancing Tango for at least 5-7 hours every day. 
I first fell in love with this dance form; when I saw the movie- Shall We Dance, starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Remember the dance sequence, when she says, “Don’t move, till you feel it” and where the dance ends, she says, “Be this alive, Be this alive tomorrow”? It still sends chills down my spine whenever I see that Dance. And I must have seen it at least 100 times.
This is a basic embrace.
Tango is a very passionate form of dance, very seductive. It is a very mature form too. So people, who are shy of close embrace, dancing cheek to cheek, should not attempt it. Unlike, other dance forms like Salsa etc, Tango does not attract teenybopper crowd. And this phenomenon is world over.  Tango would be well known in a very classy, sophisticated, mature crowd. When I was learning Tango, my instructor told me, it is like two hearts, one body. It is a couple’s dance, where you have to be totally in sync with each other.
Another embrace in tango from early 19th century also called Tango defrente.

In India, the trend of Tango is slowly picking up. People so far only knew Salsa, Merengue or Bachata. Tango was moving in small, specialized community of Tango lovers. But slowly, people are shedding their inhibitions and accepting this beautiful form of dance. They have started appreciating it more aesthetically. 

I have personally found this dance form so meditative and relaxing. I can vouch for it, that I have danced 7-8 hours of Tango in a day without getting tired one bit but rather feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.

For exhibition dancing, a Tango dancer must develop a strong connection with the music, the dance and the audience. The audience can only feel this connection if the performer feels and projects this feeling. So it is when dancing for your own pleasure -- and your partner's!

Tango parties are known as Milongas and they are organized in every city. They also provide great opportunity to socialize. Once, I heard someone make a very remarkable comment/observation. He said, “if there are two men- one with a brand new Ferrari and the other, who dances very well and can give a good lead to his female partner on the dance floor. All the woman will certainly choose the second man who is a great dancer”.

Movies that featured Tango dancing include "The Scent of a Woman", Madonna's "Evita" and "True Lies" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

With the festive season coming- Diwali, Christmas, New Year party, etc, learn to dance Tango. Get into the groove. I tell you, you will not only be very fit but very stress free too. Bring some MAGIC in your life.
Colgada Swing

Ocho in promenade

Calesita in carpa

Caida with adagio

What am I wearing

Dress: BeBe
Heels: Nine West
Hair Clip: Bought in Hawaii.


  1. These pictures are fantastic! I would love to be able to dance the tango, although I don't know if I would be very good at it :P


  2. loved all the pics,the dress looks fab on you

  3. 5 to 7 hours......wow.....Good picture and nice description of dance.

  4. Oo la la Ooo laa laa...u r ..masha -allah!
    Too cool. Too hot!! U r this, u r that!:)

  5. OK...Here are the lyrics for you:)
    Jogi nach le, rang raj de - (2)
    lehraake balkhaake tu duniya bhulaake naach
    dhun koyi gun gunaale gaale tu gaake naach
    ranginiyon mein kho ja, pike pilaake naach
    madbhare naino se tu naina milaake naach
    (uff teri ada, i like the way you move
    uff tera badan, i like to see you groove
    uff teri najar, it says i wanna dance with you) - (2)

    Sun le saaheba, tu hai ik nasha
    hosh hai mera saara kho gaya

    Hosh gawa deewaane hosh gawaake naach
    paas tu aa deewaane paas tu aake naach
    dil mein hai armaan jaane saare jagaake naach
    tan mein badan mein jaise aag lagaake naach
    (uff teri ada, i like the way you move
    uff tera badan, i like to see you groove
    uff teri najar, it says i wanna dance with you) - (2)

    Dekhake bhi nahi ho yakin
    itani kyun hai bata tu haseen
    tere husn se jindagi haseen
    tere husn ke aage koyi haseen na kuchh bhi nahi
    aankhon mein mere saare sapane sajaake naach
    mujhako tu dil mein rakh le, dil ko dhadkaake naach
    pyaar agar hai mujhase pyaar jagaake naach
    jaan-o-dil hai jo tere mujhape lutaake naach
    (uff teri ada, i like the way you move
    uff tera badan, i like to see you groove
    uff teri najar, it says i wanna dance with you) - (2)

  6. wow.. these are beautiful pictures...